During planning and development stage of Infrastructure Projects like Roads, Bridges, Railways, Buildings, Power Projects etc., engineers phase the challenge of completing the project in the least possible time at the least possible cost. Without the accurate information about the sub-surface soil, engineers will end up losing the precious time available to them apart from substantial increase in the project cost which can be saved if they have adequate knowledge about the subsurface soil. Engineers always look for the appropriate techniques to obtain the desired information on subsurface soil in the shortest possible time in the most cost effective manner.

Geophysical Investigation play a very important role in mapping the sub-surface soil in the most cost effective way. Geophysics being Non-Destructive in nature is rapid and cost effective technique available for the engineers. Geophysical Investigations have made it possible for the engineers to cover large areas in short time as compared to the conventional geotechnical investigations involving direct drilling methods which make it economical.

ORIZON carries out the Geophysical Investigations for following objectives:

  • Bedrock profiling
  • Overburden evaluation
  • Foundation Investigations
  • Mapping of Fault / Fractures/weak zones
  • Slope stability studies
  • Soil and Rock Engineering Parameters
  • Mapping Shallow mining sites
  • Utility Mapping
  • Rippability Studies
  • Cavity and Leakage Detection
  • Shear Strength Evaluation and Elastic Parameters

To meet the requirement and object of the specific project of our clients, ORIZON customize the applicability of each Geophysical Technique and deploy single or a combination of the following available geophysical techniques.

  • Seismic Refraction
  • Seismic Reflection
  • Electrical Resistivity Imaging / Tomography
  • Seismic Tomography
  • Borehole Seismic Surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar