Geophysical Division

What and Why?

What is Geophysics

Geophysics is a modern and advance science applied for Non Destructive Mapping and exploration of sub-surface materials. Various Geophysical Techniques are available for mapping the sub-surface features with its application in Hydro, Thermal, Wind and Solar Power Projects; Roads & Highways; Railways; Dams & Bridges; Mining; Pipeline Routes; Transmission Lines; Rivers, Lakes, Canals & Reservoir; Ports & Harbours; Tunnels; Urban Development and Archaeology.

Why Geophysics?

Geophysical Techniques have the capability of mapping the connectivity in the subsurface features in the non-destructive manner and ensuring that the targets are precisely mapped without any excavation. Some of the major advantages of using Geophysical Services over conventional investigation techniques are outlined as under:

Cost Effective - Geophysical Methods provide extensive area coverage and offers value for the money as compared to the conventional site investigation techniques alone because of its non-destructive nature. The continued information gathered using a combination of Geophysical Techniques and optimum plan of conventional techniques such as drilling is much more than the isolated information collected from the conventional techniques alone. Legal and environmental hassles of deploying the conventional site investigation techniques can be totally avoided using Geophysical Techniques.

Non-Destructive - Geophysical Techniques are Non-Destructive in nature as no excavation or intrusion is required for their execution Safe – Because of their non-invasive nature, Geophysical Techniques are completely safe as neither operator nor the surrounding atmosphere or people at site are exposed to any sort of hazard.

No Surface Disturbance - Because of their non-invasive nature, no ground intrusion is required for geophysical surveys and they can be easily carried out in the most congested and populated urban areas, highways or landscaped environments without any disturbing at the ground.

Rapid - Extensive areas can be mapped in a single day using computerized Geophysical Techniques which might take weeks or even months using the conventional methods. Results and outputs are generated almost immediately using the innovative softwares designed for various techniques.

Simplified Outputs - Findings of the Geophysical Investigations are presented in simplified formats which can be easily interpreted and understood by our Clients who are mainly Civil / Electrical Engineers or Management Executives Integrated Approach – ORIZON has capability of deploying all the Geophysical Methods due to inhouse availability and our experts can respond to the unpredictable site requirement almost immediately.

Risk Free - We understand the apprehensions of our Clients regarding deployment of Geophysical Techniques due to unfamiliarity with the latest advancements. Keeping in view the concerns, we regularly provide regular consultations to our clients right from the beginning to understand the exact problem and applicability of appropriate and suitable technique to ensure that our client's objective is met within their budget.

  • Engineering

    During planning and development stage of Infrastructure Projects like Roads, Bridges, Railways, Buildings, Power Projects etc., engineers phase the challenge of completing the project in the least possible time at the least possible cost.

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  • Utility Mapping

    Urban Planners and Engineers generally find it extremely difficult to deal with the complexities of the existing underground utilities laid down in the past such as pipes, cables, drains etc.

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  • Slope Stability

    Engineers and planners often face the challenges of Land Slides primarily in Hilly Terrains of Himalayas during the rainy season. ORIZON has developed a unique strategy for investigating such land slide zones for slope stability which can provide the key engineering properties of the soil / overburden (bed rock profile, overburden thickness, compactness of material etc.) for the appropriate management and monitoring of existing and potential landslides.

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  • Ground Water Investigations

    Groundwater Management is one of the most challenging task which many government institutes, planners and professionals are handling on regular basis.

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  • Mining

    Mining industry faces a lot many peculiar and unique problems on regular basis which are extremely difficult, time consuming and much expensive to solve by only using ordinary available characterization or monitoring methods.

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  • Leakage Detection

    ORIZON has developed innovative methods to detect, locate and map the leakages by applying sound principles of electrically-based geophysical techniques.

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  • Archaeological Investigations

    Geophysical techniques being Non-Destructive in nature play a vital role in Archaeological Investigations. Conventional Archaeological Investigations are carried out by manually digging the sites layer by layer while taking care the fact that the site / underneath features must remain undisturbed.

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  • Hydro Power

    Hydro Power Development faces continuous challenges right from the conceptualization to commission of the project. Due to their desired locations in remote hilly terrains it faces the challenge of tough and rugged terrains, inaccessible approaches and complex geological conditions of Himalayas.

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  • Dams & Bridges Repair & Rehabilitation

    Civil Engineers continuously face the challenge of monitoring the health of the old mega engineering structures like Dams & Power Houses for Power Projects and Flyovers & Bridges for Highways & Railways.

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  • River Crossings

    ORIZON uses specifically designed geophysical techniques for river crossings investigations. Generally using conventional investigations, area under the flowing river is not mapped and is interpolated between the two vertical or inclined bore holes on the bank of the river which may not give adequate information on bed rock conditions.

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  • Wind Power and Solar Power

    ORIZON provides specialized Geophysical Services to the Wind Power and Solar Power Industry in India. ORIZON have developed customized geophysical techniques which are ideally suited to all the needs of most Wind Power and Solar Power project sites.

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  • Water Resources

    ORIZON used the latest state-of-the-art technology for mapping and exploration of Water resources in the country. River Surveys, Canal Surveys, Canal Route Studies, Reservoir Sedimentation Studies, Reservoir Modelling are carried out by experts of ORIZON having extensive experience...

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  • Marine Geophysics

    Geophysical Methods have capability to meet the requirement of Marine Engineers with specific applications for Ports, Harbors, Jettys, Creeks etc for the purpose of mapping the sea bed, sedimentation, sea bed soil stratification, buried objects such as old ships etc.

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  • Electrical Earthling

    Infrastructure sector projects, more specifically power projects often need electrical earthing and corrosion studies during development period.

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  • Contamination

    Contaminated Soil, Water, Oil & Gas Hazards are major concerns of Environmentalists The presence of contaminants (hydrocarbons, acid, mine drainage, etc.) in soil or in groundwater can be easily mapped using Geophysical Investigations as these contaminants changes the physical properties of the subsurface soil.

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  • Environmental Hazard & Waste Management

    Environment safety is one of the major concern for any developing country like India while maintaining the sustainable growth of infrastructure.

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