Hydro Power

Hydro Power Development faces continuous challenges right from the conceptualization to commission of the project. Due to their desired locations in remote hilly terrains it faces the challenge of tough and rugged terrains, inaccessible approaches and complex geological conditions of Himalayas. Hydro Power Engineers and Managers are generally found to be struggling to meet the unwanted delays in completing the pre-requisite Investigations in remotely located sites. Geophysics play a very vital role in meeting these requirements because of its rapidly deployable, cost effective and Non-destructive nature and these techniques find favour by the Engineers over the conventional geotechnical investigations.

ORIZON uses a combination of various available Geophysical Techniques to meet the requirement of every Hydro Power Project which include the Bed Rock Profiling, Mapping of Fault / fracture zones, overburden thickness, soil stratification, Compressional Strength and Shear zones, Determination of Elastic Parameters, Rippability, Slope Stability etc.

Using Geophysical Techniques larger areas can be covered and continuous information can be provided at much less cost and in least time as compared to conventional Geotechnical Investigations which can only provide pinpointed discrete information of a particular location where borehole is drilled.

ORIZON uses a combination of few or all the following Geophysical Techniques by deploying state-of-the art equipment and experts:

  • Seismic Refraction
  • Seismic Reflection
  • Seismic Tomography
  • Bore Hole Seismic
  • Resistivity Imaging / Tomography
  • Ground Penetrating Radar