Ground Water Investigations

Groundwater Management is one of the most challenging task which many government institutes, planners and professionals are handling on regular basis. Various destructive and non-destructive techniques are available for management and exploration of ground water. We at ORIZON, have expertise in using the most advanced state-of-the-art geophysical techniques for mapping, exploration and modeling of ground water. A combination of various geophysical techniques is used to delineate the ground water acquifers, map the water table and fracture zones, hardness (salinity content) of water, potential and approximate yield of the water reservoirs. We help the planners to identify and locate the ground water rich zones using geophysical techniques for various objectives as per their need. We at ORIZON have most advanced geophysical equipment and experts for undertaking ground water investigation works.

Either one or a combination of the following Geophysical techniques is used by us for ground water investigation:

  • Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES)
  • Electrical Resistivity Profiling
  • Electrical Resistivity Imaging
  • Electro Magnetic Survey
  • Ground Penetrating Radar